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                Mine R & D. Production Trade
                An integrated large-scale integrated stone enterprise group
                Has independent import and export rights

                The company s subordinate companies include design, construction, and construction of integrated firstclass qualification companies. There are more
                than ten specialized branch offices throughout the country, focusing on the construction of antique architectural buildings, fountains, sculptures, square
                culture, municipal engineering culture, and large- scale integrated sculptures. Building curtain wall hanging

                Endless creativity Rigorous planning

                Good design is an important foundation for construction.Our understanding of design is
                not only a perfect idea,but also a scientific and rigorous planning

                Endless creativity Rigorous planning

                The management philosophy of "Quality-oriented, honesty-based, innovation-oriented,
                and customer-respected" follows the quality policy of "Depending on the responsibility is
                more important than Taishan, the quality is higher than everything, shaping the fine arts
                of the national arts", and the project is paid once. The 10O% pass rate of inspection and
                the quality target with an excellent project rate of not less than 95% strive to interpret a
                new concept that is historical, national, functional, economical and rational.

                Honesty service first

                Satisfying every customer is the goal of all our work. Through the implementation of
                intemational quality standards and the establishment of a sound quality assurance
                system, the company not only provided us with a basis and guarantee for the quality
                commitment of the owners, but also greaty improved the company's reputation,
                comprehensive competitiveness and market share, and better integrated into the worid
                economy. The trend iS synchronized with the development trend of the world
                construction industry.

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