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                Own Mine

                Rich self owned mines
                Group subsidiary, Tenghui Stone Industry Co., Ltd., has 1 high quality granite mines. The mine is located in the total area of 2.08 square kilometers of the mining area owned by tengyite industry, accounting for 34.3% of the total area of the whole mining area, 19 million 900 thousand cubic meters of reserves, 80% of the total quality resources, and the annual capacity exceeding 50 thousand cubic meters.

                Stockyard reserve

                Huge waste 1 board reserve
                The standing stock is 30000m, and the monthly stock of the standing stock is more than 600000. There are more than 200 kinds of management varieties to meet the customers demand for variety. The group has a large and senior purchasing team. The purchasing network of stone materials is all over the world. The annual import of waste material is 18000m. After years of cooperation, the company has established mutual trust and win-win cooperation with the major stone suppliers in the world to control the supply and quality of raw materials from the source and guarantee the high quality raw materials. A stable and continuous batch supply can be provided in accordance with the requirements of the project. The supply and quality of raw materials are controlled from the source, and the stable and continuous supply of high quality raw materials can be guaranteed to ensure the duration and quality.

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